Distortion Analyzer

Model 7600


  • 3% full scale Accuracy
  • 0.001% Resolution
  • 10Hz to 600kHz Frequency Response
  • Hi Resolution Color Display
  • Isolated Input
  • IEEE-488, USB
  • Distortion readings to almost 100%.



The Model 7600 Distortion Analyzer is unlike any other product of its kind on the market. Using the latest digital techniques and optimally designed analog front end, the Model 7600 out-performs any other distortion analyzer on the market today. It also does this at a remarkably low cost. The unit automatically selects the proper range for both amplitude and percent distortion and is wave-shape independent. The user only needs to connect one input cable to obtain a distortion reading. Voltage Over-range or Under-range is indicated when the signal is too large or too small. The Model 7600 is galvanically isolated from ground.


7600 Datasheet