High Accuracy AC Reference Source

Model 515


  • 0.1% Voltage Accuracy
  • 0.001V Resolution
  • Up to 15 VA Output Power
  • 360Hz to 20kHz
  • Hi Resolution Color Display
  • Isolated Outputs
  • USB Std/IEEE optional


The Model 515 High Accuracy AC Reference Generator fills a need for a relatively low cost and practical solution for supplying a reference excitation to typical LVDT and Synchro/Resolver transducers. The Model 515 has built-in load sensing which, in effect, yields “zero” output impedance and virtually eliminates the effects of fluctuating output loads. With up to 15 VA of output into loads with as much as 80º of phase shift, the Model 515 is ideally suited to driving inductive loads.

The unit features remote sensing, galvanically isolated outputs, overload protection and USB digital interface. IEEE-488 control can be added as an option.


515 Datasheet