Multiprodcut Calibrator

Model 8080


  • Current Calibrator to 20 A
  • Exceptional Uncertainties
  • Voltage Calibrator to 1000 V
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • Power Calibrator to 2400 W
  • NIST Traceable


The Multifunction Calibrator Model 8080 functions as a Voltage Calibrator, Current Calibrator, Power Calibrator, Resistance Calibrator, Capacitance Calibrator and a Thermocouple Calibrator. Having very low uncertainties, the Multifunction Calibrator is ideal as a standard of these electric quantities in calibration laboratories. The Multifunction Calibrator also has the feature of supplying several different waveshapes in additional to the traditional sinusoidal output. This feature makes it ideal for testing meters which are true rms reading or crest factor sensitive. These signals are also suitable for the basic calibration of oscilloscopes. The Multifunction Calibrator has the capability of measuring temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors. A built-in multimeter can be used independently or in simultaneous operation with the Multifunction Calibrator output.


8080 Datasheet