Transconductance Amplifier

Model 8100


  • Highly Accurate
  • 7 Volt Compliance
  • 100 Amperes to 100 kHz
  • 200 mA to 100A in six ranges
  • 100% over range capability
  • 40ppm short term stability
  • 0.04% dc and 0.10% ac accuracy
  • Accuracy independent of load
  • Distortion below -60dB
  • Complete Front Panel Calibration
  • IEEE-488.2 Interface standard
  • Stable with inductive loads
  • High output impedance
  • Power Factor corrected supplies (PF>0.98 at 100A output)


The Model 8100 Transconductance Amplifier is a precision, high stability, high accuracy instrument which produces an output current which is directly proportional to the input voltage over the frequency range from dc to 100kHz. Six overlapping ranges, with full scale values of 2mA, 20mA, 0.2A, 2A, 20A and 100A, provide low distortion output currents from 200uA to 100A. With the exception of the 100A range, for which a 1 V rms input produces the 100 Arms output current, the transconductance of the other ranges is set such that a 2Vrms input produces the full scale output current. With the exception of the 100A range, all of the other ranges may be operated to twice their full scale value without any deterioration in performance.


8100 Datasheet