Multiproduct Calibrator

Model 142


  • DC/AC voltage to 1000 V, accuracy 10ppm/year
  • DC/AC current to 30A
  • Resistance to 1000 MΩ Capacitance to 100 μF
  • TC/RTD Temperature sensor simulation
  • Frequency output to 20MHz
  • Electric power/energy to 240V/20A
  • Built-in  Multimeter


The Model M142 Multifunction/Multiproduct calibrator is intended for applications in calibration laboratories and in a environment production  where voltage, current, resistance, capacity and frequency meters are manufactured. Load capacity of the voltage output is 30 mA – enough for most high-consumption analogue meters. The output generator is capable of harmonic and non-harmonic shaped signals which allow for testing instrument sensitivity to distorted signals and signals with high  crest factors. Frequency modes, suitable for calibration of multimeters and time bases of oscilloscopes, have adjustable 6-digit frequency, amplitude and duty ratio of the output signal. The calibrator can measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors to show it on display or use for cold junction compensation.


142 Datasheet